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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact Media Relations TOTALMED ACQUIRES TotalMed Staffing Appleton, WI – November 13, 2017 – TotalMed, a nationwide provider of clinical travel solutions and MSP services, announced…


Travel Nursing Assignment Reimbursements

TotalMed already has the very best benefits offered in all of the travel nursing industry, but did you know that we reimburse for scrubs, certifications, and licenses? Travel Nursing Assignment Reimbursements…

Affordable Care Act Travel Nursing

The Impact of the Repeal Affordable Care Act on Travel Nursing

With the looming “Repeal and Replace” of the Affordable care Act (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), all of us are anticipating either significant changes or slight modifications.  In other…

Payroll and time reporting for travel nurses
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Payroll and Time Reporting for Travel Nurses

Payroll and Time Reporting for Travel Nurses As the balance of travel nursing tilts toward VMS and MSP services, the process of payroll, billing, and time reporting changes as well. …

the importance of travel nursing job applications
Travel Nursing Career Tips

The Importance of Travel Nursing Job Applications

For most travel nurses, completing travel nursing job applications is among the most reviled aspects of landing a travel nursing job. This is understandable given the detail requested by most…

jeopardizing your nursing license as a traveler
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Jeopardizing Your Nursing License as a Traveler

State nursing boards have the authority to investigate claims against nurses and revoke a nurse’s license for a variety of reasons. Each state has a formal Nurse Practice Act that…

tell me about travel nurse pay
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Tell Me About Travel Nurse Pay

There are many reasons to become a travel nurse. And, the travel nurse pay is can be a significant influence. The climate where you live is cold in the winter…

travel nursing interview scenarios
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Travel Nursing Interview Scenarios

Like all job interviews, travel nursing job interviews are a key facet in landing the jobs you want. However, there are many differences and nuances when it comes to travel…

travel nursing interview tips
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Travel Nursing Interview Tips

In this blog post, we’ll offer some recommendations for questions to ask and topics to cover during your travel nursing job interview. We’ll also discuss the importance of communicating with…