How Does TotalMed Approach Housing?

Travel nursing is challenging. Facing those challenges with a great team by your side can be the difference between having a great experience and having a not-so-great one. Our housing experts will help you set yourself up for success.

The Challenges

You’ll meet these challenges again and again: traveling to a city for the first time, securing housing remotely and without the local knowledge to judge which neighborhoods are safe and decent. We are mutual stakeholders in your journey and work to help you find the most suitable housing for you.

The Economics

As you may have read in Kyle Schmidt’ article, Pay Package Comparison Strategy Part 1, all travel nursing compensation and expenses are derived from one bucket of money; or as Kyle explains, a “pie.” This bucket is the bill rate, multiplied by the number of hours you’re expected work each week, multiplied by the number of billable weeks each month. Included in that ‘bucket’ are your pay, medical/dental/vision benefits, taxes, 401(k), workers’ compensation, medical and general liability insurance, any other direct costs, and your housing expense. We mention this because it’s often misunderstood that housing costs are on top of the bill rate to the hospital or MSP. Why is this important? Well, only because we have a mutual interest in finding safe and palatable housing for you that also fits into a budget that least affects your compensation.

TotalMed’s General Policy

We want you to have a hand in the housing that’s right for you rather than our team having exclusive ownership of the selection. You may want to be on the second floor, westward facing, with a large bedroom but small bedroom. Whatever the specifics, your input is vital to ensure the housing you get is the housing you want.

The most optimal outcome is obtained by first staying, at our expense, in a short-stay or even long-stay hotel at least until you can view, in-person, the properties that we have identified in your pre-defined budget. If you find housing that costs less than originally budgeted, then we can increase your wage (unlike most other companies, TotalMed does not ‘pocket’ the difference of your housing costs and what was budgeted).

Housing Help

Furnished Finder is the very best at helping find your ideal housing experience. We encourage all travelers to start with Furnished Finder, even if you have already arrived at your assignment and haven’t yet located housing.

The Expectation

Generally, here is what you can expect if you prefer us to locate and secure your housing:
1. Explain to your recruiter what is important to you in your housing choice.
2. Within 24 hours, a list of properties within your budget is sent to you (these costs are the direct costs; there is no markup with housing).
3. If you do not select a property, TotalMed will book one to seven days at a short-stay hotel so that you can view, in-person, each of the properties and make the housing selection that meets your criteria.
4. Days later, we will move you into your housing and follow up to make sure that you’re happy with your selection.
Of course, these are general guidelines. Because we aren’t one of the 800 pound gorilla companies, we can tailor a housing package that best suits your preferences and economics. Reach a recruiter today at

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